A Day in the Life of a Souhegan Summer Camp Kid

Welcome to Camp Souhegan 2024!

Throughout the week, all kids will have access to all program spaces in the club. Our staff provides engaging and developmentally appropriate activities for each age group in each space.

7-8:45 AM:
Throughout the initial morning block, kids will be dropped off at various times in the morning with their lunch, water, sunscreen, swimwear, and anything else they may need in order to have
an awesome camp day!

Stacie or Alex will always be available at check-in by the front door to share information about the theme for the week, special events, or anything else that may need to be communicated that
day. Each member will have a locker or cubby, and a designated home-base space to meet their counselors and group members. During this time, select program spaces will be available for morning activities. (Rotating games and sports in the gym, club playground, reading, drawing, chalk, 4-square, etc.)

9:00-9:15:  Morning Meeting
Morning meeting commences in the theater, where each grade group will have a designated section to sit. Meeting will consist of announcements, special messages about activities going on throughout the day, camp songs, games, trivia etc. It is a great way to connect with all campmates in an engaging and quick manner.
Once the meeting is over, groups will be dismissed in an orderly fashion to their home base spaces to find out about their activity options for the first block.

9:15-10:15: First Block
During this block, a camper might choose from (for example:)
– Rock climbing in the Rock Room (with belay-certified staff)
– Capture the Flag in the gym
– Karaoke in the theater
– Bulletin board decorating in the lobby

10:15-10:30: Snacktime for all (in their assigned spaces)

10:30-12:00: Second Block
In the second block, a camper perhaps will:
– Attend swimming lessons @ Keyes park with club staff and certified lifeguards
– Play infection tag along the nature trail
– Explore with model magic in the art room
– Harvest lettuce in our club community garden and whip up some salads in the kitchen

12:00-12:30: Lunchtime for all (in their assigned spaces)

12:30-2:00: Third Block
To start the afternoon, a camper could:
– Head to Keyes pool for a free swim with their friends- after visiting the Kona Ice Truck!
– Compete in a kickball game in the big lot
– Collaborate with friends on an egg-drop contest in the STEAM Lab
– Hit the dance room and learn some new choreography

2:00-3:15: Fourth Block
Nearing the end of the camp day, a camper might:
– Engage in a water balloon toss in the side yard
– Head over to Keyes and play on the playground
– Jump in a foosball tournament in the games room
– Try out some improv in the theater

3:15-3:30: Snacktime for all (in assigned spaces)

3:30-4: Afternoon Meeting
Here, we love to recap the day and discuss all of the awesome activities and programs that our members had the opportunity to try! We also engage in club-wide unifying activities that
strengthen our peer relationships. On Fridays, we show a camp-wide slideshow with photos and videos to celebrate the end of another fantastic week. We also practice regular recognition in
our “Campers of the Week” ceremony, where certificates and prizes are handed out. After meeting, we disperse in an orderly fashion. (typically when pick-ups start to ramp up)

4:00-5:30: Winding down
During the last block of the day, a camper might have the opportunity to engage in:
– A big group basketball game in the gym
– A friendship bracelet circle
– Legos and Creation Station in the STEAM Lab
– Freeplay on the club playground

– Club Cleanup
– All campers and staff report to the front of the building for dismissal. Let’s do it again tomorrow!
– Extra family engagement opportunities flow into the evening, whether you want to head across the bridge to Keyes for Wednesday community connections, or attend a Milford Summer Basketball League game in the gym!


A Day in the Life of a Camp Souhegan Summer Camp Kid (Infographic)

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