Alice In Wonderland at the Club: A Theatrical Adventure for Kids

The Club Kids Had the Most Amazing Time with Alice In Wonderland


At our Club, we’re always looking for exciting ways to engage our members in creative activities. That’s why when our Art Coordinator, Eric, proposed bringing the whimsical world of “Alice In Wonderland” to life, we knew we were in for something special.

Eric’s vision was clear: merge our Theater Program with our afterschool activities and with the help and guidance of our Theater Director Robin, they are allowing more kids to explore the magic of theater, from acting to set design and tech. It all began when he introduced improv blocks to our kindergarten program at Jacques last year, igniting a passion for theater in many of our younger members.

This year, we took it a step further by piloting “The Riverbend Youth Theater Program,” exclusively for afterschool kids from grades 2 through teens. The response was overwhelming—17 eager kids auditioned for “Alice In Wonderland,” and each one found a place in the production, whether in speaking roles, non-speaking roles, or behind the scenes in set design and tech.

For 10 weeks, every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, our Club was abuzz with creativity and excitement as rehearsals unfolded. From learning the expectations of rehearsals to understanding stage direction, every aspect of theater was explored, giving our kids a comprehensive glimpse into this captivating world.

The beauty of our Club is that kids get the opportunity to discover new passions. For our Alice in Wonderland cast and crew, they found a love for acting, technical theater and set design.

And the impact didn’t end with the final curtain call. Eric noticed a surge in attendance at our improv programming, with kids eager to further hone their skills in expressions, prop usage, and stage direction. It’s clear that the magic of theater has captured their hearts and imaginations.

As we reflect on the success of “Alice In Wonderland,” we’re already looking ahead to what’s next. Discussions are underway to bring the BGCA Program “Drama Matters” to our Club, offering even more opportunities for our members to explore the world of drama. And with summer approaching, Eric is gearing up for Improv Blocks during our summer camp, blending art and theater in exciting new ways.

So, what’s next? The adventure continues! Stay tuned for updates as we embark on our next theatrical journey together. If you want to learn more about what our kids have been up to in the Arts, check out this post about Portfolio & Our Upcoming Art Show.


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