Celebrating Creativity: The Journey of Portfolio at the Club

Join Us for a Spectacular Art Show on May 10th

Since February, Portfolio has been a cornerstone of creative exploration for our Club kids, providing a platform for them to witness their artistic skills blossom over time. As we eagerly approach our Art Show on May 10th, we can’t help but marvel at the incredible journey our young artists have embarked upon.

Throughout the school year, club kids have been creating projects based on their chosen mediums. Our Club has been a hub of artistic activity, with kids eagerly diving into projects based on their chosen mediums. Whether it’s painting, clay molding, or drawing, each week brings new discoveries and new techniques for our aspiring artists.

A key component of Portfolio is our dedication to introducing our kids to the rich tapestry of art history. Through studying the works of renowned artists, our Club kids gain insights into different styles and approaches, which they then apply to their own creations. It’s a journey of inspiration and growth, with each project reflecting their newfound skills and knowledge.

And now, as we prepare for our Art Show, anticipation fills the air. The culmination of weeks of hard work and creative expression will be on display, showcasing the talent and dedication of our Club kids. From pieces created through Portfolio to highlights from our Artists of the Week series and student submissions, the Art Show promises to be a celebration of artistic diversity and ingenuity.

We welcome participation from all Club kids to participate in the Art Show and we invite family, friends, and members of our community to join us on May 10th as we marvel at the beautiful works created by our young artists.


You’re Invited:

Friday May 10th 4-6pm

Boys & Girls Club Theater Lobby

56 Mont Vernon Street, Milford NH

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