Discovering the Future: Our STEAM Program at the Club

Under the chatter of excited kids, you can hear the sound of LEGO bricks clicking together while our Club Kids’ imaginations run wild as they construct everything from simple structures to complex machines at our Creation Station. 

In our Technology corner, the hum of 3D printers catches everyone’s attention, the design is in its final stage! Our young innovators watch in amazement as their digital designs take shape layer by layer, transforming ideas from their minds into physical objects they can hold and show off to their friends.

In the center of the room bouncing kids gather around a set of programmable floor buttons known as Unruly Splats. These Splats are part of a coding game that combines physical activity with computer science. Using iPads, our Club Kids program these floor buttons to light up, make sounds, and create interactive games like whack-a-mole or relay races. The blend of play and learning keeps them active and engaged while they grasp essential coding concepts.

The quiet buzz of sewing machines in a cozy area adds a different rhythm to the room. Kids are engrossed in sewing and needlework projects, carefully stitching together fabric pieces into beautiful creations. It’s a place where patience and creativity blend seamlessly, giving them a sense of accomplishment with each completed piece. 



Outside Club Kids are gathering vegetables from our edible garden that they helped plant, water, and maintain. Their eyes are wide with wonder at how the little seed they planted a few months ago is now producing food they can eat!


The exciting and engaging activities of our STEAM program capture the interest and invite our Club Kids to experiment with all sorts of amazing things. As we start to envision the future, we see even more potential: lab tables filled with science experiments and advanced robotics kits. Here at the Club, we’re not just imagining the future, we’re building it, one joyful, curious step at a time.




If you are interested in learning more about our STEAM program and how your donations can help, please reach out to Holly Bly at – Director of Development.

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