Empowering Eco-Champions: Inside Our STEAM Program’s Green Dream Team

Welcome to the heart of our STEAM Program, where innovation meets environmental advocacy. At the Boys & Girls Club of Souhegan Valley, we are proud to introduce to you, our Green Dream Team – a passionate community of young eco-champions dedicated to nurturing a greener, more sustainable world.

Since February, we have been learning about the 5 R’s of Sustainability, how to recycle, different ways to compost, and now how to slow the rate- of erosion. This begins along our riverbank, where erosion threatens the integrity of our beloved trails. Our “Save the Trail” initiative is a hands-on project where our Club kids, with guidance from Celeste Barr, take the reins in combatting erosion by staking coir logs and planting lilacs – a plant native to New Hampshire whose deep roots will help to hold the soil together. These natural barriers not only prevent further degradation but also serve as a tangible reminder of individuals’ impact on their environment.

Our commitment to teaching sustainability doesn’t stop there. Our garden program’s spirit of growth and stewardship flourishes as our first graders carefully planted different types of peas to kick off the gardening season. Beyond the garden beds, kids eagerly clean and turn compost piles and participate in vermicomposting indoors, learning the invaluable lesson of recycling organic waste to enrich the soil and nourish future plantings.

We understand that the journey towards a sustainable future begins with education and action.

Through the Green Dream Team and initiatives like “Save the Trail” and our garden program, we’re empowering our kids to become catalysts for change in their communities and beyond. Together, we are not just dreaming of a greener world – we are actively shaping it, one coir log, one garden bed, one worm at a time.

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