To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to be great today and reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens tomorrow.

Our Goals

All of the coalition goals listed below are gaps that the community identified. We have taken these gaps into consideration and have come to realize that many of them are already on our action plan. After creating this master list our coalition members help us determine what needs to be focused on first. Many of these goals are already being worked on and others are coming up quick!

Universal Screening

Universal Screening is important to our coalition because we can talk about what issues we think need to be addressed, but if we give students an anonymous survey we will have hard data on what areas need help. The more we know about what is happening in the community the more we can tailor our services to meet the needs of our youth.

Parent and Community Education

CAST is diligent about reviewing research and information on substance misuse and mental health. We believe the more the community and especially parents know about these topics the more support we will be able to provide our youth and families.

Addressing Substance Misuse

Since the formation of CAST, one of our biggest and most consistent goals has been reducing alcohol and other drug misuse in our community. We believe this will help provide brighter futures for our youth and healthier dynamics in families. Without substance misuse our community will be a safer place for our kids to grow up and reach their full potential.

Resource Lists

CAST is diligent about reviewing research and information on substance misuse and mental health. We believe the more the community and especially parents know about these topics the more support we will be able to provide our youth and families.

Juvenile Justice Supports

One of CAST’s biggest goals is to make sure the youth in our community are living up to their full potential. Recently some of our coalition members have gotten involved in a Juvenile Diversion Program, which is a way to keep our youth out of our justice system and instead helps them make reparations for what they have done. This teaches them the value of hard work and has a direct impact on their actions.

Wrap Around Supports

The CAST coalition knows that support comes in many different forms. We are aware that our group is just one piece of the prevention and recovery process for many, that is why we are trying to help in many different ways. Teaching kids about a variety of aspects that impact their daily lives, such as cooking, being organized, and managing emotions is just as important as teaching them the negative impact of misusing drugs. We are working to help them grow as a whole, not just in one area.

Healthy Afterschool Activities

The CAST Coalition has made huge strides in this particular area by becoming a committee of The Boys and Girls Club. The BGC itself is a great place for young people to spend their free time in a healthy environment, but they have also given us a chance to incorporate programs of our own! In other areas though we are looking for activities to post on our resource list to keep the community updated.

Our Parents Say..

We have had nothing but an amazing experience here. -Amy, Club Parent
Boys & Girls Club of Souhegan Valley
We have had nothing but an amazing experience here. -Amy, Club Parent
Boys & Girls Club of Souhegan Valley
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In the last 25 years, the Club has become known in the community for its commitment to our members.
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March 30, 2020

Due to current events, the Club will be closed until May 4. If you need to contact us, please don't hesitate to call (603) 801-8591 or email our Executive Director Mike Goodwin at or our Operations Director Caitlin Hunter at For our current online programming, visit our BGCSV Activities facebook page.

Along with the rest of the world, we’ve been closely monitoring the evolving situation with COVID-19. It has brought uncertainty and disruption to the communities we serve, but Boys & Girls Clubs of Souhegan Valley’s top priority has not changed: the health and safety of the children we serve.

I wanted to take a moment to keep you informed on how we are doing everything we can to ensure the well-being of our Club members, as well as the staff and volunteers who work at/with the Club.

We remain in close and regular contact with local, regional and state health officials and are monitoring the regular updates from the Federal government, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), as well as the World Health Organization (WHO). Though the situation around the virus remains fluid, our goal is to continue our mission – to serve those kids who need us the most – both during and after the crisis affecting all of us now.

Here are some of the proactive steps we’ve quickly taken to continue to protect the well-being of our members, as well as to continue the important work of the Club:

  1. Established a weekly meeting schedule, made up of Club leadership and Board members, to monitor the situation, stay in close contact with local, regional and national officials and share insights to Club staff, parents and greater Milford community.
  2. Reinforced our Safety Standards with additional emphasis on virus prevention protocols across the organization and to our Club members’ families.
  3. Expanded opportunities for Club staff members to reduce their risk of contracting and spreading infections, and ensure they have the necessary support during these uncertain times.
  4. Defined what resources we can provide to our kids and families, whether the Club itself is open or closed.
  5. Utilized virtual resources developed by our staff to continue connection and engagement with Club members and their families remotely.
  6. Taken extra steps to ensure our Clubhouses are clean, sanitized and that those who enter are symptom-free.

The safety and well-being of our Club members remains our foremost priority, and we will continue to share updates with you as quickly and transparently as possible.

What Can You Do?

If you are interested in taking action to support the Club’s mission during this crisis, consider the following:

  • Continue to support us. We need you now more than ever! Our kids – and their parents – will need us throughout this crisis.
  • Continue to talk about the important work the Club does to your network and the greater community.
  • Like us on social media. Share, Click, Comment.
  • Mail gift cards from local grocery stores to our office for distribution to families in need.
  • If you have any ideas or thoughts to help please contact our Development Director Cory Sullivan at
  • If during this time you can help to support the club financially please visit

Thank you for your continued support and care of Boys & Girls Clubs of Souhegan Valley.

Executive Director

Mike Goodwin