There are many ways to support the Club besides donating. Although monetary donations are always appreciated, so are donations of resources, stock, time spent volunteering, and donating through employer matching. See below for more ways to support the BGCSV!

To donate in-kind, volunteer, or for information about fundraising events and sponsorship, please email For donations by check, please mail to the Boys & Girls Club of Souhegan Valley, PO Box 916, Milford, NH.

You can give a gift that changes a life forever. You can give the gift of a great future. Every dollar counts.

Please help us increase our impact on the young people and families in our community!

Questions? please contact Holly Bly: 603-672-1002 ext. 129.

We are always looking for volunteers interested in helping with our afterschool and summer camp programs, including homework help, teaching enrichment classes, and helping with sports activities or theater performances.

Contact us by calling (603) 672-1002 if you’d like more information, or click the button below to download our volunteer application, which you can drop off in person or scan and email to

Many companies have programs through which they will “match” the charitable contributions made by their employees. Through corporate gift matching, your employer can multiply your gift to the Club, making it go further.

Check with your company’s human resources office to see if they offer gift matching. (If they don’t, you may want to ask your company to start one.) If your employer does offer this program, your Human Resources department should provide you with a matching gift form to send to us along with your donation. Contact Kimberly McNally: 603-672-1002 Ext: 138 or for more information.

Support your favorite charity and save on capital gains taxes.

The gift of an asset, often common stock or mutual fund shares, is a valuable way to make a contribution to a charitable organization and receive tax benefits based on the value of the asset(s). For example, suppose Ted and Alicia had 300 shares of XYZ Corporation that they had purchased at $15 a share some years ago. The current value in today’s market is $36 a share. If they sold the stock in the market, they would have a taxable, long-term capital gains on the difference between their cost and what they would receive from the sale ($36 minus $15 = $21 capital gains per share; 300 shares X $21 = $6,300 in capital gains).

They could sell the stock, pay the tax on the capital gains, and either keep or donate the proceeds. If, instead of selling the stock, Ted and Alicia gave the 300 shares to their charity, they would not incur any capital gains and would be able to deduct the current value (300 shares X $36 = $10,800) as a charitable gift. By donating the stock, the charity receives more than it would receive if Ted and Alicia first sold the stock and then donated the proceeds after deducting the capital gains taxes. Also, Ted and Alicia receive a greater tax deduction by giving the stock directly to the charity and avoiding the capital gains tax.

For more information about donating stock, please contact Kim McNally at  603-672-1002 Ext 138 or email

Become a member of The Heritage Club by making a planned gift. We invite you to explore the benefits of gift planning and to see how your gift might help save a child. Visit for more information and resources.